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Liberate Capital Through Sale-Leaseback Financing with the Net Lease Group

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What is Sale-Leaseback Financing?

A Sale-Leaseback (“SLB”) solution can extract the hidden value held in corporately owned and occupied real estate. Properly structured, SLB financing allows a company or sponsor to capitalize on the disconnect between the lower earnings multiple (often 6x to 10x) used to value a business, and the higher rent multiple (typically 12x to 16x) achieved from the sale-leaseback of the company’s owned operating real estate.

Why Use SLB Financing?

Companies consider sale-leaseback financing to address any number of capital needs, ranging from improving overall cost of capital, investing in corporate growth, improving its balance sheet, or funding growth through acquisition via an M&A transaction. Sale-leaseback financing allows a company to monetize or “borrow” up to 100% of the value of its real estate at competitive market terms while ensuring complete control of the property and freedom of operation on a long-term basis, in many cases, extending over 50 years, including options.

The NLG Process

Corporations, middle market bankers, M&A advisors, and private equity sponsors come to us for analysis and execution of alternative capital solutions for corporately owned and occupied real estate. NLG extracts maximum value by applying proven financial strategies and funding mechanisms combined with a strong understanding of capital flows along with the rules and regulations that govern various net lease structures. NLG delivers comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis together with complete advisory and transactions services throughout every engagement.

The Sale-Leaseback Team

NLG maintains extensive relationships with public and private investors in markets in the US and select markets internationally. This allows us to keep our clients informed with the latest market trends and execute disposition assignments that maximize value in a timely manner, with the highest probability of closing.