04.30 | 2018

Employee Spotlight- Rick Ross

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Rick Ross, Senior Director at The Net Lease Group, started with the company in 2016, bringing with him 30 years’ commercial real estate experience. Rick specializes in capital and transactional advisory services.

As an architecture student attending Syracuse University, Rick drew inspiration from Atlanta architect John Portman’s development successes. After graduation, he focused on real estate and development, determined to apply his knowledge and skills outside professional practice. Starting out as an architectural consultant for a large building products manufacturer, Rick soon found an opportunity to work for a national commercial real estate services company in Atlanta. Since then, he has worked in almost every facet of the commercial real estate business both as a principal and an advisor.

Rick takes considerable pride working as a team with his colleagues to advance NLG’s clients’ business interests. He most values the close working environment the firm’s founders have fostered that encourages a synergism, which allows him to achieve more as a team member than he could individually.

When not working, you can find Rick in his workshop building furniture, in the kitchen pursuing his passion for cooking, out in the yard gardening, or on the river fly-fishing.  Rick and his wife, Jeannie, devote much of their time to urban ministry through Midtown Mission Church and City of Refuge.  They have two married children and a daughter still in college.

When asked to define success, Rick responded: “Success is not so much a thing, but a journey, so, living daily in such a way as to affirmatively impact the world around me. Leave a mark.”

The NLG team is proud to highlight Rick and his contributions to NLG this month.